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Proactive System Password Recovery 6.60

This program is an efficient password recovery tool with a lot of features
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Proactive System Password Recovery is a tool that proves to be useful whenever you forget various passwords. It is a program that includes a lot of advanced features and beginners might find it difficult to use. The application is able to recover the logon password for various Windows versions, but you need to be logged on.

The number of passwords that can be recovered by using Proactive System Password Recovery is quite large. In addition to logon passwords, you can also use this program to recover .NET passwords, screensaver passwords, RAS, dial-up, as well as VPN passwords. Also, on the developer’s website it is stated that the program is able to reveal passwords that are hidden under asterisks, but when I tested this feature, it didn’t work.

A useful aspect of this application is its ability to display passwords for wireless networks, regardless of the encryption method.

Whenever the program finds a password that cannot be recovered instantly, it uses various attack methods (brute-force attack, dictionary attack, etc.) Also, the program adds to its dictionary all the passwords that it recovers.

I think Proactive System Password Recovery is a useful tool to add to your collection of applications, but keep in mind that its price is quite high.

Margie Smeer
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  • Includes a large number of features
  • Comes with a comprehensive Help manual
  • It displays the keys for wireless networks


  • It fails to reveal passwords hidden under asterisks
  • It is not recommended to beginners
  • Quite expensive
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